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“The Economist” Article about Open Access Journals

Hello Everyone!

Here is an interesting article I read in the economist, all about state funded research and open access journals. A short, but good read!

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  1. Naomi Barrettara says

    I know what you mean – and it seems like the structure that has developed is that scholars and academics have become willing to give away their labor power to the billion dollar industries in order to accrue a kind of cultural capital that makes the spent labor “worth it”.

  2. Janice says

    Thanks for this one, Naomi!
    This piece is well-written and to the point: Public access to information that is publicly funded seems a no-brainer, but..

  3. Christina says

    This is really interesting. It’s funny to me, being in sociology, that people who study Capital are all too eager to give over our labor power for free to billion dollar industries.

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