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1,000,000 Edits?!?!

Thought you’d all be interested in reading about the Wikipedia editor Justin Knapp, who edited his 1 millionth article yesterday. Wow.

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  1. Janice says

    Wow! A show of true dedication to point..or, someone with very little else to spend his time on. I too am curiour how he was portrayed…

  2. ria banerjee says

    This article can’t seem to decide whether this guy is a nutcase or a real do-gooder. SKG, what did the NPR news make him sound like? I have to say that Laura’s link only helped reinforce the mildly negative stereotype I have of the typical Wikipedia editor… sorry!!

  3. Sonia K. González says

    You beat me to this post, Laura. I was also going to share this news I caught on NPR earlier today.

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