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TRAUE: Theory Research and Action in Urban Education

Last year, Professor Jean Anon decided that she wanted to provide a writing platform for graduate students interested in becoming scholarly writers.  Publishing for an esteemed journal vetted within the field of Education was more of a dream than an actual reality for many students.  The diminishing job market penalized potential professors for not being published authors, while simultaneously limiting the opportunities for candidates to publish.    Jean organized a group of students to start the first Education journal written by students for students called TRAUE. We decided that although the journal would only be available online, we would emulate the pedagogical assets of the traditional peer review process to ensure the selection of quality articles for the journal.


We faced many of the unforeseen shortcomings that followed the going digital movement nicely explained in Dawson’s articles.  Yes, we had a platform for graduate students worldwide to submit their work, but how would we build our name?  How do we get students to believe in this work? More importantly, how do we get students to feel that having their article selected truly meant that they were published authors?


When I was more involved in the creation of the journal, I hadn’t considered the “vistas” of going digital that Dawson mentioned.  For instance, why not expand the criteria of submissions to include visual media?  I know realize there is so much more that the journal can do.

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