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American Studies / Politics & Protest Journals

In terms of researching online journals, I appreciated this assignment since it made me take my head out of books and PDFs and look where people might actually be interacting in a timely fashion. I found a quite a few non-scholarly journals [and one site that is a lot like the one I want to build:].

There are a *lot* of American Studies journals outside the US, because the discipline was initially begun [e.g., funded] in Europe after WWII by certain interests [the US State Dept. being one] who wanted to ensure the primacy of US Culture during the fearful times of the Cold War. All that to say, knowing that American Studies emerged into a critical, interdisciplinary field with many departments, each with it’s own particular focus, leaves looking for journals a little overwhelming.

Focusing in on scholarly journals that are Americanist, interdisciplinary, and produce work at the nexus of arts/cultural production, political analysis, and social justice, I found the following:

Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Has a list of online issues dating back a decade, as well as ability to buy print issues [via Justseeds artists collective], but has no clear Peer Review process, a smallish editorial collective that looks like it’s changing over, and no clear interactive sites to speak back to the writing.

Borderlands This Australian publication is only online, has a clear, formal peer-review process, and features articles on [and by] Michael Hardt, Angela Davis, Walter Benjamin and many other “big names” in leftist political thought.
Lastly, thinking about the slow creep towards interactivity and the use of online tools to facilitate and/or instigate conversations, the publication of the American Studies Association, American Quarterly, has just redesigned their siteĀ  and added an ” Interact section” with teaching tools, compare/contrast on articles, and a pre-written, published response to an essay from an earlier issue. It’s not certainly not commenting but, it is definitely moving closer to a conversation than before.

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