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Wikipedia Thoughts, Etcs.

Hey All,

Just wanted to add a few things to our WP-related conversation in class last week:
1. SKG, Janice, and all — have you guys seen the “Feedback about Editing” thing at the top of the WP page? The sad face/smiley face/confused face icons reminded me of your problems. Might be something worth following up on, because…
2. I was contacted by some very friendly person who redirected me to something called the WP Teahouse. I’m pasting the email I got below:

Dear Ria4983,
Welcome to Wikipedia! It’s been great to follow your contributions on Wikipedia, so thank you for being bold and jumping in to help to build and improve the world’s biggest encyclopedia. 🙂 I wanted to take the time to not only welcome you to Wikipedia, but to also invite you to the Wikipedia Teahouse!
What is the Teahouse? Well, the Teahouse is an on-Wikipedia space to help new editors! At the Teahouse you can meet other new editors, ask questions and get help from friendly experienced editors, and build your Teahouse profile by uploading a photo of yourself (or of something else that represents you!) and sharing with fellow editors what you enjoy and hope to achieve on Wikipedia.
I was once new to Wikipedia, and I know how complicated learning the ropes can be! To visit the Teahouse, simply click this link:
Or visit Wikipedia and in the search box type: WP:Teahouse
So come on by and visit us at the Teahouse, I look forward to sharing a cup of Wiki-tea with you!
p.s. feel free to drop by my userpage anytime!:

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  1. Hadassah Damien says

    Congrats! I’m going to be honest–instead of encountering Lone Rangers, I got sent a cup of tea on my page by a random stranger a few weeks ago and it felt…welcoming. Here’s the code to share the same:

    “Spread the WikiLove by giving someone else a tea, especially if it is someone you have had disagreements with in the past or someone putting up with some stick at this time. Enjoy! Spread the lovely, warm, refreshing goodness of tea by adding {{subst:wikitea}} to their talk page with a friendly message.”

  2. Janice says

    Ria- THANKS!
    This site loks really inviting, and seems to have the potential to make learning the ropes a looked for experience.

  3. meiling says

    Thanks so much for posting this Ria. I checked out the site and it is definitely more “friendly” looking than the “wild west” of the article talk pages! I also noticed our friend Banaticus is one of the “hosts” (there only seem to be a few?) but they give little bios which is also nice. The “teahouse” seems to be a recognition on the part of Wikipedia that it needs to cultivate new editors in a more nurturing environment.

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