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Wikipedia Article – Group Assignment

The early mid-term assignment will be to rewrite your blog posts from last semester into articles for Wikipedia, being careful to cite each sentence of summary to the page in the original text. We will be using the posts on Lessig’s Free Culture, Benkler’s Wealth of Networks, and Experience and Education.

You will work collaboratively in three teams.  You will be encouraged to keep their conversation on Wikipedia talk pages and not in meatspace. The fact that you will be working off of a blog post that you did not author yourself, adds an additional dimension to the collaborative authorship.

The blog posts are summaries of the readings along with interpretations and discussion questions. You will have to separate out the opinion from the summary. (Eg maintain NPOV and No Original Research).

These are the pages on Wikipedia:

Use book articles like these as models for your work:

Check in points:

  • February 16th: write work plan on the article talk page.
  • February 23rd: Begin initial contributions. Contributions should be cited.
  • March 1st: Article finished as a draft. Peer review takes place. Final citations put in place.
  • March 8th: Article Due

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  1. Janice says

    Group 1:
    Let’s figure out our method of contact so that we can chart our plan? I left a couple of messages on my, Meiling’s, and Free Culture “talk” pages. “Talk” soon….

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