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Janice’s brief bio

Hi, below is my brief bio. I will post my project ideas in a separate blog.

I have over two decades of experience in private and city government agencies, each devoted to improving the living circumstances and livelihood of New Yorkers. For the past ten years I have engaged regulators, practitioners, advocates, and consumers in the identification, assessment, review, and development of services to meet public mental hygiene needs. My work has brought me in close contact with consumers facing mental health crises, the contexts of their communities and environmental influences, and the systems designed to provide support.

In my current role at the NYC DOHMH I work in partnership with consumers, families, advocates, and providers  to ensure that all mental hygiene services in New York City meet the highest quality standards for the over 450,000 people in New York City who suffer from mental health and chemical dependency disorders, and those with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. My work is devoted to assessing and contributing to the development of accessible, high quality health care that is both efficient in its use of resources, as well as effective in promoting health and reducing health disparities.

Blog you soon!


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